Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chapter 4 Challenge #5

Challenge #5 Go Mobile!

This time I was challenged to use my mobile device in an educational way. This is the first school year that I have used mobile devices in the classroom. One app that I find very useful is Reading Remedy. It costs $1.00 and works on all the Apple devices. I use this app on my IPad.

Reading remedy is an app designed to determine what basic literacy skills a student needs to work on. The description in the iTunes cite says the App was developed by reading coaches and teachers as an assessment tool to determine the skills students were lacking.

I am currently a reading intervention teacher. I work with students that are in need of reading intervention. Their general education teacher often tells me that they can’t decode words or are having problems with prefixes. Decoding words and prefix and suffix knowledge are two very large sub-topics of reading instruction. Reading Remedy allows me to focus in on the specific skill, letter, or phonics rule a student is struggling with. It has allowed me to effectively use the intervention time I have with the students. I would also like to state, that I use other forms of assessment to determine where a student needs help. Reading remedy helps point you in a direction rather than giving a definitive answer. I would never recommend relying solely on the assessments in Reading Remedy.

Link to the app download:

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