Sunday, March 17, 2013

Challenge #12 Celebration and Summation

For this challenge, I choose to use the Wordle software to summarize what I have learned so far. I choose the Wordle software because the book used it and I had never used the software before. I thought it was fitting to tread into uncharted waters with this challenge because that is basically what I have done with almost every challenge in this book. The Wordle Software also went against my teaching personality. I am the first to admit that I am a very orderly, organized, and methodical teacher/person. But if I want to prepare my students for their adult lives, I really have to take a back seat in their learning process and let them figure things out. This book has made me realize that the best way for me is not always the best way for all. So in all its unorganized and unstructured glory is my Wordle.

My Summation Wordle.


The goal of Challenge #12 was to basically summarize what you have learned. This Wordle does just that. My first instinct was to create a Power Point Presentation that explained all I learned in ten boring pages. I think that my Wordle does a much more elegant job of meeting the goal of the challenge. You can always learn new things.


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